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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's a Wrap

Assalamualaikum and hai!

Yeah its been sooooo long since my last update. A year and a half I guess? Nah, never mind that. Will spazz 'bout that later *speaks with an accent (british preferably)*

How's life? Hectic if you ask me as if I'm the busiest person on the Universe *flips tudung everybody* ;D but sure, you guys did have an amazing life (notice the sarcasm). Muahahaha. Okay. Enough of the babbling thingy.

To be honest, it has been forever since I wrote my last entree and I don't know what I have to write in this entree. It's just there's this comment which pointed out or I'd rather say misses (everybody please slap me on the face) me.. or my updates. Whatever it's just the same.... aaannd again, I'm babbling. Urgh kinda hard to stops it tho.

Okay, should I start with my college life? Well, as I said, it's HECTIC! Unfortunately for us, Diploma in Early Childhood Education's students, our assignments are slightly (a lot ) different than other courses. We have to do role plays, case studies, millions (it's only one or three or five) story books, toys etc etc for children. And the latest one, we need to perform a Puppet Show for children. And again it's awfully great. Oh yeah, sense the mixed feeling I got there people.


My personal life.. Well, it's not my thing to tell my hidden secrets here as if this is my book of life. Hahahaha noob Najwa noob. Lets just say that this is not my greater year. A lot of things happen. I've lost people that I love (my beloved Atuk just passed away 4 months ago and someone) , I've being tested with the greatest test from Him which is something that I can't even imagine happening to me and I even have lost myself due to certain things. But, there's a but. Every clouds have silver lining which is same goes to life. Besides the tests, I've also received a pleasant yet shocking surprise. Have you ever thought of being matched with someone that you don't even know their name? For me, if it was a fairy tale, would I'd rather say gladly accept it as fairy tale always, ALWAYS have happy endings. But come on, this is real life people, it's not some romance novel that you often read whereby, this girl and this boy were being matched and they didn't know each other but in the end, they live happily ever after. I do believe that if we work for it, we may have a happy ending. But you'll never know huh?

So, I guess that is it? I'm still trying to manage my time effectively for studies and blog and netball and families and myself and new families and and and.

p/s: life could be a fairy tale if you work it out, alright? And to somebody out there, if you read this, please notice that I'm sorry and I really wish you're the one but hey, who's us to fight with His destined? To you whom I'll always be remembered.


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